In botany, the genus Iris includes about 200 species of the Iridaceae plants, the flower most commonly known as iris. Its name comes from the Greek word Iris, meaning “rainbow”.

“What do I miss the most? Maybe the colors of the rainbow – Maria Teresa says – it has remained on my mind because it’s hard to forget such a wonder of nature, but it’s something I miss so much just like a beautiful starry night”.

These are the kind of considerations one comes across when digging in the memories of somebody whose blindness was caused by a disease; those who lost eyesight as adults have plenty of memories of what they used to see in the past, therefore they miss some of the simplest things even after many years.

Blind people strengthen the other senses through compensation, that’s why Iris: the Iris flower has an intense perfume (smell), a bizarre shape (touch), and it recalls the wonderful show of the colors of the rainbow.

This work is about everyday life of a blind person, who makes everything special, even the plain household activities, by using her hands instead of her eyes: the final result is the same, but it how it’s been achieved that turns small gestures into big ones.