“The garden”

For about  five years I have been documenting the housing problems in the city of Rome, which led me to explore more and more meticulously that  marginal zones, hidden within the urbanized area of the city which, thanks to their blurry nature, grew close to the abusive urban speculation. “The Garden” is one of these areas. In reality it is a small swamp of the river Aniene, located under a busy overpass in the Eastern suburbs of Rome, an area that over time has been subjected to various attempts to environmental protection,  to preserve its specific fauna, and then – all abandoned – started to preserve other forms of life.  Here Angela  was born and grew up to six years with his parents: Piero (Sicilian) and Luba (Russian) in a shack hidden under the overpass.
This project sought to document  both  the places and the environment  where the child is living and  the   functional change of this area which is no longer protecting pheasants or moorhens but rather those who  in this piece of land have found a safe haven and  an  alternative way of  life which is  almost unimaginable for those who every day drive on the bridge that separates what is  visible from what is an  invisible world.