The replicant’s family album

by Tiziana Luciani

La Rosetta Hotel – Conference Room  –  h.  17-19

It’s a famous scene in “Blade runner”. The beautiful replicant Rachael shows Rick Deckard, the hunter, her family photos. He sarcastically remarks: “As a skin-work, a fleeting human copy, what family can a replicant possibly have?”. But Rachael runs away in tears. She seems to mean: “ Even a replicant is entitled to its pictures, its family, its memory, its identity. Since all of these are in our photos….

In the workshop we’ll  pick the most intriguing among many unknown portraits reconstructing their relationships, memories and personal stories.

A workshop to experiment with the language of photography as a tool of self analysis.


Psychologist-psychotherapist, art therapist, trainer.  Tiziana Luciani for years has been engaged in the care and support of women. In her working groups, Tiziana Luciani uses as reference the Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s books, and in particular “Women who run with the wolves”. She works mainly in Rome, Milan and Perugia, but she is often invited to other Italian cities.

People attending the session: Min. 6 max. 20

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FEE: €20,00 (including LuceGrigia membership card) to be paid on the same day.