Emergency – When the others go away

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Councillor for Welfare and Education of Umbria Region


Anaesthetist, Director of the urgent and emergency department, Director of the department of anesthesia and intensive care at the Monza Hospital, he has carried out numerous missions for Emergency in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Libya and Cambodia.
He is member of the Medical Division – Board of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care and he is responsible for the training of anesthesia nurses as well as of the organization and management of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care’s activities in the Emergency hospitals.


Born in Pescara in 1983 Simone Cerio is an Italian young reporter represented by the photojournalism agency Parallelozero since 2010, specialized in documentary photography and multimedia languages​​, with which he made especially long-term projects. Winner of Perugia Social Photo Fest 2014, he collaborates with major national and international journals. He has exhibited in Italy and abroad.

In its third edition, the Perugia Social Photo Fest wants to give voice and substance to an ever present issue, resilience, meaning the ability to support the weight of adverse situations combined with the desire to get out of it but never defeated even reinforced. The invaluable contribution of EMERGENCY allows us to bring to the attention of the public, through the stories of the protagonists, the strength of the people affected by war to regain their dignity as individuals, thanks to medical and projectual support of those engaged in conflict zones.

Resist the mutilations,the losses, the pain and start a new journey of life, this is the path of the victims; resist the fatigue, the hardships, and consciously accept to provide themselves and their professional skills, this is the path of the operators of EMERGENCY.

We are convinced that enter that world, suspended between the everyday and the unexpected, will allow all of us to understand, even if only in part, how the effort of one and the other attaches to the deeper meaning of resilience as a condition that increases the cohesion of the members of a community by strengthening the vital resources of those who are involved. To cultivate humanity must be linked to other human beings and recognize them.