PSPF BOOK | Gioele: quaderno del tempo libero

Author Fabio Moscatelli

Palazzo Penna – Apollo Room –  h. 18-20

Free entrance


Fabio Moscatelli – photographer and author of the book

Simone Donnari – President of A.P.I.AR.T – Italian Assosiation of Professional Art Therapist, co-founder of Sementera Onlus and Istituto Gaetano Benedetti

Looking at the world with different, new eyes it helps you see better, especially those things that would could not be understood and whose sensitivity could not be caught without a little (big) help. Complex and inaccessible Universes, as the inner world of those born with neuro-psychiatric disorders – such as autism and socio-relational related problems – aggravated by the lack of cultural values, structures and resources. They often have more images than words. Hidden talents can be found in a notebook full of long, intricate stories, like those of Joel who has just turned 12. He lives in the south-eastern outskirts of Rome, at the border of the communication-interaction network and this reality is made even more difficult from his autism. 12 years old, difficult age for each child it is even more complicated for Joel and his eyes wide open on a world populated by lions and domestic-wolf spiders, skies lit up by the imagination and almost poetic visions of reality, photographed together with Fabio Moscatelli who met him in the neighborhood park where he uses to go with his daughter Syria.