PSPF NIGHT | Presentation of the documentary film “Cronica21”

DOCfield Barcelona Festival of Documentary Photography (Fundación Photographic Social Vision)

Helena Velez Olabarria Project Manager of the “Photographic Social Vision” Foundation will present the event

Cinema Postmodernissimo, Via del Carmine n. 4, h- 20 

Free entry

The video showcased was part of the central thesis of Jessica Murray, last year artistic director of DOCField.

Under the heading of “The Heart of the Matter”,  she  invited us to get to the heart of the way we see the world and proposes the easiest way to shorten the distance between two people: a story, well told.

Crónica21 is an on-line multidisciplinary archive of documentary stories and analysis about the deepening economic, political and social crisis in Spain, from 2008 to the present. Inspired by the Farm Security Administration initiative, part of US President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930s, our particular version is adapted to the European Union of the 21st Century.


From May to July, fourth edition of DOCfield Barcelona Festival of Documentary Photography, organized by the Photographic Social Vision foundation, will be taking place in the city with 40 exhibitions of national and international documentary photography and photojournalism. Throughout, the festival offers free admission to various art centres, galleries, civic centres, schools of photography and other cultural venues in the city. Under the heading of “Europe, Lost in Translation”, this year’s artistic director Natasha Christia invites us to talk about us, about today’s Europe; about who we are, who we were or what we aimed to be; about what we are to be now, and what we aspire to. The theme of identity and values will structure the artistic direction of DOCfield>16, with the idea of including hitherto unseen contents and emerging creators on the national and international scene who are familiar with the language of publishing, and exploring hybrid genres and new documentary languages.

The festival presents the work of over 100 artists in its DOCfield ROUTES, complemented by DOCfield NIGHTS, 4 free evening sessions of screenings in public plazas, every Thursday in June; DOCfield in the STREET: temporary exhibitions in open spaces, and DOCfield ACTIVITIES, guided visits and workshops for all publics. This year also sees the third DOCfield Dummy Award Fundació Banc Sabadell, consisting in the publication of a photobook.

Barcelona becomes the European capital of documentary photography and photojournalism thanks to DOCfield, the festival that attracted 151,000 visitors on its last outing, making the Mediterranean city a point of reference for the dissemination and enjoyment of the best in today’s documentary photography.