Palazzo Penna –  h. 18-20

Limited seats – booking recommended | Cost € 15,00

“In the dark, the appearance does not count; people do. Everything is more intense, more real. Because in reality the “darkness does not hide, but reveals”

In collaboration with l’Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli Ipovedenti sezione provinciale di Perugia (UICI).

Exploring a world that is the one of blind people, but above all the one we – focused chasing glitter and eyes suggestions – usually do not see. In total darkness you discover the fear, then you search a little deeper get some peace; a bit of anxiety and you find ways to use forgotten or at least not often used senses getting to consciousness. Touch, hearing, taste and smell, usually meant to give the sense of the excess, whether hot or cold, noisy or melodious, spicy or sweet, fragrant or foul-smelling, focuses now on the smallest details and a chees-chips turns into something totally different.

Part of the revenues will be granted to UICI Perugia.

Info and booking: 0755716233