The art of resisting

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Resilience is the human ability to cope with and overcome difficulties in life coming off stronger and positively changed. Resilient individuals aren’t superheroes, but just people who found in themselves, in human relationships, in any context, the elements and the strength to keep on planning their future regardless destabilizing events, hard conditions or serious traumas. In psychosocial studies the concept of resilience is also used referred to a situation where cohesion among group members is enhanced reinforcing their vital resources.

The art of resisting or resisting through art.


Dr. Rosella De Leonibus Psychologist – Psycotherapist Resilience and art
Dr. Alessandra Clemente Councillor in charge of Social Politics – Napoli The clan of Artists
Mario Gelardi Author, theatre and artistic director Nuovo Teatro Sanità (Theater)
Fabio Venditti Journalist, director and founding memeber of Socialmente Pericolosi (Cinema)
Dr. Salvatore Bruno Pedagogist, coordinator of the education centre in Scampia and founding memember of  Terra ‘e Scampia (Music)
Dr. Luca BizzarriYouth Care/Culture Department Autonomous Province of Bolzano Festival delle Resistenze Contemporanee (Festival Contemporary Resiliences) – Bolzano
Silva RotelliPhotographer, graduated in Psychology R-esistenze, Family Book, Le Grandi Azioni. Introduction to photographic projects Festival Contemporary Resiliences -Bolzano
Don Tonio Dell’Olio “Libera” – Association