Festival Opening

Palazzo Penna – Apollo Room  –  h. 18

Vernissage –  presentation of the festival and exhibition opening.

Irina Popova and Jay Sullivan will be at the opening.

Palazzo Penna –  h. 19.30

VI PRESENTO GINA narrazione per voce e immagine

project VI PRESENTO GINA (I present you Gina) narration for vocals and image
photographs Gina Alessandra Sangermano
vocals Loredana De Pace
in collaboration with Vocabolomacchia teatro.studio, Verdecoprente Festival, Leo Scagliarini e Gilles Dubroca

Gina Alessandra Sangermano is a sparkling photographer of Calabrian origin. In the course of her life, she has both taken and given everything in the world of images.

I have been taking care of the Gina Alessandra Sangermano archive for some months now and discovered a woman who in the course of the short period of her activity as a photographer found her indispensible companion in order to visually organise her expressive exigencies.

Loredana De Pace

Freelance journalist specialised in photography, writes lead articles in this field and for various online media such as artpartofculter.net and mammothreflex.com. As a photographer she had numerous collective and personal exhibitions including, among the most recent ones, the project Ecuador: the small giant. She is member of juries for national awards, takes part in lectures of her portfolio, curates photographic projects and exhibitions. There is even a less official but nonetheless correct biography which establishes Loredana as a citizen of the world who loves to travel, to follow intercultural paths and who made of photography her raison d‘être.

Info: www.loredanadepace.it

In collaboration wih Verdecoprente Festival