Social blindness: the role of information and communication

Palazzo Penna – Apollo Room  –  h. 11-13

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Gigliola Foschi – journalist, art and photography reviewer, professor of History of Photography at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan. She currently writes for the magazine “Gente di Fotografia”, after a long collaboration with the newspaper “L’Unità” and several art and photography magazines.

Renata Ferri – journalist, photo editors for the RCS MediaGroup magazines “Io Donna” (supplement of the newspaper “Corriere della Sera”) and “Amica”. Renata Ferri is also a teacher, a writer, a curator of publishing projects and exhibitions of individual and collective authors.

Loredana De Pace – journalist specialized in photography, curator and photographer.

Alfredo Bini – photojournalist represented by the Paris based Cosmos Photo Agency

We live in a world where the primary interest of man’s production seems to be concentrated on image and information as a new economic product.

The current society witnesses not only the profound change of the function of communication – from a means turns to be an end – but also the rooted problem of the role of the individual in a global society. Communication, as exchange of information, connection, shared knowledge, creates a common understanding that affect and transforms our way of thinking and being.  The aim of the meeting is to reflect on the role of information and communication in creating and guiding the opinion. Thus “social blindness”.