PSPF BOOK | Il mondo che non vedo. Ciechi e fotografia

Palazzo Penna – Salone di Apollo  –  orario   11-13

Ingresso libero


Simona Galbiati – Author of the book

Paolo Chiozzi – Professor of Visual Anthropology and the Contemporary World UNIFI

Mario Barbuto – National President of the Italian Union of Blind

Simona Lotti – Visual Artist

Talking about blindness and photography may seem a paradox, almost a provocation. It is actually an invitation to listen, to hear and observe free from stereotypes and prejudices; a proof that blindness could be a limit only when the society is not conceived to welcome the diversity of its members and therefore discriminates against them and prevent their full participation. The contribution (speech) proposes an innovative anthropological perspective on the theme of blindness. A journey toward the other that begins from the senses, through the imagination and memory, to end up with visual and the photography to see if, and how, photography could be a bridge between two worlds seemingly so far away: the one of blindness and the one of seeing.