PSPF BOOK | Oltre l’immagine. Inconscio e fotografia

Autori M. Aliprandi, F. Belgiojoso, S. Calò, A. D’Ercole, C. Gusmani

Palazzo Penna –  Apollo Room  –  h. 17-19

Free entrance


Dott.ssa Maria Silvia Aliprandi (Psychologist – Psycotherapist  Studio ArteCrescita Milano)

Dott.ssa Agata D’Ercole (Psychologist – Psycotherapist Studio ArteCrescita Milano)

Dott.ssa Rosella De Leonibus (Psychologist – Psycotherapist)

How a photograph is psychologically conceived? What mystery of the photographer’s mind originates the images we see? The book explains that the photograph of a crumbling wall or of something else of apparently little significance is not simply the result of a “disengaged” trend in contemporary photography; as well as the use of “selfie” or more generally of the self portrait in the artistic production of an author is not a mere fulfillment of an exhibitionist need. Behind that there is a search for a deeper knowledge and understanding of their communicative needs.